Sunday, March 28, 2010

What a weekend!

So we finally got rid of the "Old Dog" (my parents' old truck) to my sister and her husband so it is one less vehicle sitting around at our house. We spent a large portion of the weekend working on the garden. I am so excited for planting this year. So far we have the upper portion of the garden ready to go and I have planted carrots, potatoes, spinach, and lettuce. In a little bit I will plant beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, and maybe peas. The only sad part is that we are still looking in to moving and then we will have to start this whole process over again. I will post pictures soon so that you can see the before and after of this process.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Okay so this week is going to be extremely busy. Even though we have the house up for sale, we are still working on improvements and changes. One of those changes is my garden. Today we are getting about 30 railroad ties delivered and dumped over in the garden area. Once they are dumped, my brother-in-law Kyle and myself are going to attempt to move the 200lb railroad ties into position to build up the garden. Once the ties are moved them I need to go and get a load of dirt for the garden and shovel that in. After the dirt then we need to rototil the garden so that I can start planting. Sheesh! All the while trying to manage a toddler and baby. The nice thing is Lucy loves to be outside and play so we don't have to worry about her very much. I will put up pictures of the process as it is happening!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I think that we are now pacifier free with Lucy! Grandma asked Lucy today if she wanted to put her plug in the garbage because it was icky. She said yes and she put it in the garbage herself! When we put her to bed tonight she made a little fuss about the plug. We reminded her that she threw it away and she went to bed without a plug!! One thing down on the list. Next we have to work on the potty training. No rush. On another note, we decided to get a truck today. So Brian went to the dealership and we ended up getting a 2006 Chevy truck. It is big enough to fit the family and of course to haul stuff for the yard as well as for vacations. Long day, but overall very good!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our girls!

Well Kate is now 2 weeks old. In the past week she has gained about 10 ounces so she now weighs 6lbs 15oz. It is funny to look back at Lucy when she was this old. She was in the 90th percentile for everything and Kate is around the 15th percentile. Talk about extreme opposites! We are getting more into a routine here. I finally got the chance and drive to get back into working out. Hopefully the weather will stay nice so we can spend more time outside.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

1 Week Old!

Well Kate is officially 1 week old! It is amazing how time goes really fast. Her first week was a little traumatic for us. We had her doctor's appointment where we were told to take her back to the hospital. Okay to hear that I went to melt-down mode. Our doctor was concerned about her color and weight. She dropped almost 10% of her birth-weight in the first few days so she was down in the 5lb range. With that the doctor was concerned about her color and jaundice. So we took her to the hospital and then made an appointment to the lactation consultant at the hospital to really see how much she was eating. Come to find out that her jaundice levels are fine but she was having a very difficult time eating. So we are working with her on eating and as of Friday she is back to her birth weight! Yeah!! Other than that, big sister Lucy loves Kate! She is always taking to her and giving her kisses. It has been a challenge this week to be on my own with these two but Lucy and I are staying busy by cooking! She loves to help me cook and wash dishes. More pictures to come later!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Kate Elizabeth Johnson

Well after 9 hrs of hard labor, she finally decided to grace us with her presence. She arrived at 6am weighing 6lbs 6oz and 18in long. She is beautiful baby but of course I am not biased! More pictures to come.