Monday, May 31, 2010

New Pictures!

What to do??

So Kate is having a hard time with her naps. She seems to not want to sleep in her own crib and would rather sleep on someone. That proves to be very difficult on us as well as this is the time that we get to ourselves because both girls are sleeping. I have tried letting her cry for about 15 minutes, but I don't know if I can do longer. Grrrr!

So far, so good!

So we decided over the long weekend that we would switch Lucy out of her pull-ups and into big girl underwear! At first we were a little nervous but she has surprised us so far. We only had one accident the first day and same thing with the next. However today was fun because we had 4 accidents! Lucy needs to learn that even though we are playing outside she still has to tell us when she needs to go potty. Overall I think that she is doing okay. We can't go back from here so we are just going to keep working at it. Hopefully the weather is going to pick up and if she has an accident we will just hose her off!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Time...

It seems like it has been a long time since I wrote here. It is amazing how much time you lose when both adults are working and you come home to two very busy kids. I love it. I have found myself looking back recently to when Lucy was just born and trying to remember every little detail. I miss her at that age but I am really excited at where she is at right now. She is getting to be such a big girl! I am looking forward to this summer because she is getting into new things and really taking an interest in life. Today she helped me in the garden for a good amount of time and it was precious! Kate is also playing with my heart strings because now she is laughing and talking back at us. She gets the largest smile on her face and it makes me laugh so hard. She has definite differences from Lucy at that age and it is amazing to watch her now. We are truly blessed and I can't help but stop and thank God for what he has trusted Brian and I with. I guess this is meant to be my emotional moment because you know that doesn't happen often!! Pictures to come soon and video if I can figure it out.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to work!

So this has been my first week back to work and it has been interesting. It is definitely a lot harder to get two kids out the door in the morning than one. It has been going well overall. I am so so happy to be back at work. I give so much credit to my sister, mom and all the women who are stay at home moms. That is not for me. It is not that I don't wan to spend time with my girls, but I also miss my students. When I say that, most people think that I am nuts for missing junior high kids but I'll be honest I do. The girls are back with my mom and doing really well. No better daycare in the world!!!

We are finally done with birthdays around here. It started with Kate in March, Lucy in April and both Brian and myself in May. Crazy. Lucy calls birthdays "Happy Days." It is so cute. Brian and I are also working at getting healthier. Well me more than Brian! :) My goal is to get rid of the rest of this baby weight so I am more comfortable in clothes. I am not looking for dramatic weight loss, but I want to at least be back to where I was before kids. We'll see how things go.

New Pics

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More going-ons..

So today I am officially 28. Brian asked me this morning if I felt older and not really. I feel more in shape now than before and things are going great. I am going back to school on monday and I am really excited. I have missed my classroom so much. A lot of my staff members don't understand why I am coming back already. It has been two months since Kate was born, she is bottle-fed and she will be with Grandma. I am not worried one bit and plus I really miss my big kids!

So Kate had her 2 month check up the other day. She is 11 1/2 lbs and about 24 inches long. Compared to Lucy she is 2 lbs lighter and the same length. So basically I grow tall girls! She got a couple shots which she did not like of course but overall things went well.

Brian and I have decided to start looking into what it might take to add on to the house on both sides instead of moving. We have done so much work on this house and property that it would be sad to move. So if we can get more space then we will stay here for the long haul. Well we are heading off to the park to play and relax. More to come later!