Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So we just switched Lucy into her big girl bed! She loves to play on it. More random pictures of Lucy and her goofiness.


We had a very busy Christmas as well as the days before. We spent some time with Brian's family before and Lucy got some great books and presents from her great aunts and uncles. Christmas eve we spent with Brian's parents and his extended family. We basically woke up and left. Lucy got some awesome toys and an apron to match mommy when she helps me in the kitchen. Later we went to Brian's grandparents and Lucy took a great nap which allowed us to talk and catch up with family. Christmas day we opened our presents here in the morning and then packed up to head over to my parent's house to meet up with Zac, Jen, and Keanan. Lucy got even more presents especially the drawing table and container of dress-up clothes. We had to spend the next day reorganizing the house to fit all of Lucy's stuff.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So I am getting ready to start my 7th month of this pregnancy! Yeah! It is starting to go by a little bit faster now. With that comes a lot more nerve pain in my back, butt, and legs. Thank goodness for heated seats in my car because for right now that is helping with the nerve pain. Lucy is getting so big! She is such a babbler. She goes on and on about nothing in particular. The funniest part is when she throws her fits and closes her eyes really tight and fakes it. It is the funniest face. We are going to start taking away her pacifier over winter break. She only uses it at night so hopefully it will work out okay. Christmas break is almost here!! A much deserved 2 week break! Woohoo! Brian and I are getting back into the house building process. It is looking good do far, we just have to wait for our house to sell. I think that is about it for now. Pictures to come later!