Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Building Continues!

Well the building is still going on. I will be extremely happy when this is done so we are not living in a construction zone anymore. Brian is doing such a good job on all of the addition and kitchen remodeling. I am so blessed to have someone to wants to do this type of stuff! We took down the kitchen wall recently and it is really amazing how much it opens up the entire area. Brian has been working on putting in new cabinets, building an island, and putting on counter-tops. This week should be amazing because the counter-tops and new floor are the last of the big projects inside!!! Just in time for a X-mas party on the 11th!

Winter Fun!

So this year Lucy actually wanted to go out in the snow. Grandpa Ron was the first one to take her outside and she loved every minute! He showed her how to make snow angels as well as making her first snowman. Since them she wanted to go outside everyday and she never wanted to come in. If we didn't make her come in she would have stayed out there for hours! On Thanksgiving I was able to play outside with Lucy and my nephew Keanan. They loved the icicles the most even though the dads made them their own igloo!

Visit with the Grandparents!

Mom and I made a trip to Arkansas a few weeks ago. We went to vistit my mom's parents for the long weekend and we had a great time. When Pop told me that he rode 4-wheelers I was thinking some smaller ones. Oh my gosh! Those machines are stinkin fast! My mom and I had a good time driving around on them. IT was beautiful there right now. I have never seen so many trees with the mixed reds, greens, yellows, and orange colors. Mom and I also were able to see my great-grandma who is one feisty little lady! While we were gone for 4 days Brian managed to deal with the girls all by himself! He was awesome!

Monday, November 1, 2010