Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So it has been along time since I have posted and so much has been going on. So I guess we will start with me. I finally had my double knee surgery on the 29th of March. They did a large clean-up of the bones, cartilage, and fluid surrounding my knees. I was stuck in the hospital for 5 days and then got released. I actually wanted to stay in the rehab program at the hospital but it was full. I am pretty much confined to the downstairs couch. I have a machine called a CPM that increases the degree that it will bend my knee. So far I am at 65 degrees. The goal is to get up to 140 degrees.

Kate has been moving so much lately. She knows how to walk but she is choosing not to. She is stubborn. She will be having a minor surgery March 19. She will be put to sleep and they are going to insert a probe into her tear duct to try and get it cleared up. We have all kinds of medical issues over here. Lucy has been doing really good. She is getting more and more creative and hilarious. She is so ready for the summer when we get to go camping and swimming in the pool.

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